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We find the properties with the highest potential for capital growth, and the highest yields. We scan, compare and rank properties by future gains and current returns. It's an unbeatable combination which spots the biggest price rises and picks out the best ROI.
165,064 properties in the top 172 hotspot locations with 16,691 yielding 7%+.
We can help you choose the perfect investment at a glance.

Our Premium service includes full access to the very highest scoring properties, professional investment calculators and full support from proven property experts.

Capital Appreciation Predictor

Our easy to understand scoring system shows the potential for capital appreciation for each property. The higher the score, the better the possible investment. We use cutting edge predictive algorithms, sophisticated data analysis and deep property expertise to power our results.

1-3 Properties with a low score will probably simply hold their value or appreciate slowly.
4-6 Properties with a mid range score will probably do reasonably well, and rise faster than average.
7-9 Properties with a high score have a high probability of rising fast, and will have bigger gains.
10 Properties scoring 10 are our best picks, the rare finds that are possibly the deal of a lifetime.

Yield Filter

We make comparing returns on different properties simple. We gather together rental data from agents across the UK, and meticulously check each and every property in our database to ensure every yield is accurate and up to date. You'll see a clear rental yield and you can arrange search results by yield.

Investment Calculators

  • Premium Yield Calculator
    Rather than gross yield get an even precise representation of your return.
  • Limitless Calculator
    Access to our calculator which we use our private clients and how we achieve 25-100% return on investment.

An Exclusive Invitation

Get the insider property investment knowledge the pros use.
Everything you need to find
Compare and select winning property investments. For a very limited time, get a free trial worth £180 and discover a new way to look at property, risk free.
£ 15
per month

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Is this website secure?
We take security very seriously. All payments are processed by Stripe, Inc., which provides full fraud prevention facilities. We do not hold or process credit card data.
As a consumer, how am I protected?
One&Only is a proud member of The Property Omsbudsman scheme, approved by the Office of Fair Trading. We adhere to a strict code of practise and go above and beyond normal legal consumer protections.
Can I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time.
Do you have a help desk?
Our help desk is staffed by property experts and is always available to our members. Please contact us at and we'd be happy to help you address any issues so you get the most out of your membership.